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Our Story

Hector Alejandro, Co-Founder
David Cruz, Co-founder

Our adventure began by hosting cigar-themed social events in 2021 to create brand awareness. The popularity of these unique experiences grew beyond our wildest expectations. The event schedule includes co-hosting events with valued affiliates covering sporting events, mixers, art showings, private galas, and others. This, coupled with the popularity of our cigars, has the Gio Alejandro team excited to strengthen relationships with our growing cigar community.

We are a family and veteran-owned cigar company based in Miami, Florida.

Each Gio Alejandro Cigar creates a unique smoking experience, a testament to Gio Alejandro’s commitment to producing premium cigars. Our Master Blender is one of the most sought-after artisans in the industry. He is credited with creating some of the most famous cigars in Cuba.

All blend components are selected based on strength, aroma, flavor, and appearance to achieve a smooth and balanced smoking experience. We want our growing Gio family, new or experienced, to have a multi-dimensional experience when smoking a Gio Alejandro Cigar. Our goal is to reintroduce the elegance and lifestyle experience of smoking premium cigars. Quality products and unforgettable social events are the means to that goal.

Gio Alejandro Cigars was created to bring elegance back to smoking cigars. Our purpose is to create and capture the vision and essence of smoking a cigar with elegance; in fashion, in intimate and social settings, or just having fun at the beach. We are your one stop for unique event experiences and premium cigar products.